Paying rent

Content owner : Last updated : 25/09/2014

You must pay all rent, incliding any service charges, by direct debit. This is due on the first day of every month for the month to come.

At the start of the tenancy, you must pay a fair proportion of the rent for the period from the start of the tenancy to the end of the month in which the tenancy started. You must not use any other method of payment.

You must pay your rent by a montly direct debit paymeny unless an arrangement has been made with Kirklees Council

You must tell us if you expect any changed to the date(s) of the month when we recieve your direct debit payment(s). This includes any changes relating to your benefits, including being moved onto Universal Credit

If it is a condition of the tenancy that you have to pay a service charge for the property, that service charge is part of the rent.

If you are joint tenants, you are both responsible for paying by direct debit all the rent and any arrears (rent you owe). If you have rent arrears, we can require any individual joint tenant to pay the money that is owed; we can also require any individual joint tenant to set up a direct debit to ensure that future rent payments are made on time.

You are both responsible for ensureing that rent is paid by direct debit, even if one of you has left your home

If you are joint tenants, you are both responsible for paying all the rent you owe. If one leaves your home you are both still fully responsible.

Rent is due on 52 weeks of the year, except sometimes when a year has 53 Mondays.

Setting up a direct debit

You can set up a direct debit.

Refunds of overpaid rent

If you think that you have overpaid on your rent account and wish to apply for a refund please get in touch with the Rent Assist team. We will take your details and aim to deal with your enquiry within 10 working days.