Good Neighbour, Good Landlord Agreement

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

Being a good neighbour

As part of our commitment to tackling nuisance and antisocial behaviour and our aim to help foster successful communities, KNH has introduced a Good Neighbour/Good Landlord Agreement which we ask all new tenants to sign.This agreement sets out our expectation that tenants will treat others living in their neighbourhood with courtesy and respect.

By being a good neighbour you can help us to tackle problems of nuisance and anti-social behaviour and make your neighbourhood a better place to live.

We believe most people want to live in a peaceful and reasonable way and are unlikely to deliberately cause offence or disruption to those living around them.

We are asking you to sign up to the Good Neighbour and Landlord Agreement o help us send a clear message to the minority of tenants responsible for anti-social activities that such behaviour is unacceptable.

Our expectations of you as a good neighbour

  • Be considerate of your neighbours and donít cause a nuisance to them or their visitors.
  • Be aware of the problems caused by loud noise, especially at night and particularly if you live in a flat.
  • Make sure your children are good neighbours too. Make them aware that they should respect their neighbours and their property.
  • Make sure you, your children or visitors to your home, donít cause damage to any KNH property or fixtures.
  • Keep your garden tidy and remove any rubbish as quickly as possible.
  • Store your rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Make sure that any communal entrance doors are closed properly and donít allow anyone in who shouldnít be there.
  • Control your pets. Donít allow them to foul in communal hallways or gardens.
  • Park your car with consideration and courtesy for your neighbours. This applies to visitors to your home as well
  • Donít carry out any business or activities from your home that will create a nuisance to your neighbours.

How you can help be a good neighbour

You can help support your neighbourhood and help KNH to tackle anti-social behaviour and environmental nuisance by:

  • Reporting anti-social behaviour to your neighbourhood housing team
  • Reporting criminal behaviour to West Yorkshire Police: 0845 6060606.
  • Reporting littering, fly-tipping, graffiti, abandoned vehicles or other damage to the environment to either the neighbourhood housing centre or directly to the Council: 01484 414700.
  • Report drug dealing to the Police (Crimestoppers/ Dob in a Dealer): 0800 555 111.

Letting us know whatís happening in your area helps us to nip problems in the bud and enables us to work with other organisations like the police to develop long-lasting solutions to the problems.

Being a good landlord

KNH is committed to providing homes and estates in a safe environment where tenants, their families and their visitors can live in peace and quiet, free from the effects of nuisance, harassment or anti-social behaviour. We have demonstrated this commitment by signing up to the Respect Standard for Housing Management.

Our commitment to you as a good landlord

We Will :

  • Be accountable about how we tackle anti-social behaviour and allow you to challenge us if you think we have not provided a good service.
  • Tell you what weíre doing to tackle anti-social behaviour in your area.
  • Take strong and swift enforcement action against anyone taking part in serious anti-social behaviour.
  • Respond to all complaints within agreed timescales and keep you informed of the progress we have made.
  • Provide sensitive and flexible support to victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour.
  • Work with partner agencies to prevent or reduce the risks of anti-social behaviour occurring in your neighbourhood.
  • Work with the community and local agencies to tackle the causes of anti-social behaviour by providing support to individuals and families and diversionary activities for young people.
  • Offer mediation services at the earliest opportunity to help resolve conflicts.
  • Create local environments that make your estate a welcoming and attractive place to live.