Removal of succession rights

Content owner : Last updated : 09/12/16

What is the change?

The government has decided that some tenants who succeed (take-over the tenancy from a family member) to a tenancy will no longer inherit a lifetime tenancy.

How may it affect you?

We are waiting for more details from the government. At the moment we know that:

  • Succeeding family members who are the spouse, civil partner or partner of the tenant who has died will still be able to inherit a lifetime tenancy.
  • We will have to offer other family members who meet the qualifying criteria a fixed term tenancy. Generally this will be up to five years, although in some circumstances we may be able to offer a longer tenancy.

What can you do?

  • Explore other options available to you. Is social housing the best option?
  • Check if you are affected by the changes

Who else can help?

  • The Council's Housing page can help if you need to find alternative housing.

  • Council Housing on the GOV.UK website includes useful information about different types of tenancy

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