Right to rent immigration checks

Content owner : housing@knh.org.uk Last updated : 30/06/16

We're now required by law to check the immigration status of anyone who applies for council housing to make sure every adult in the household has a 'right to rent' in England.

Before you sign up for your new tenancy, we carry out immigration checks on all adults (aged 18 or over) who will be living at the property as their main or only home. Those checks will tell us if everyone has the right to rent. Please note that we have to check every adult in the household, not just those listed on the tenancy agreement, so it's very important that you tell us exactly who will be living with you.

If you are a tenant and wish to take in a lodger who will be living in your property as their main or only home, you must carry out these checks too. You must also notify KNH if you take in a lodger - call 01484 414886 to speak to a housing officer or email housing@knh.org.uk

Leaseholders who sublet their homes must also carry out right to rent checks.

For more information, including how to do the checks if you take in a lodger or are a leaseholder, please follow the links on the right of this page.

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