Annual garden competition

Content owner : Last updated : 18/04/17

Our annual garden competition is open to council tenants, leaseholders and anyone who lives on an estate we manage. It aims to recognise the contribution that people who take pride in their gardens make to their local communities.

You can enter your own garden, but you can also nominate a neighbour, if you think they deserve the recognition for their efforts.

Enter the competition

The categories are :

  • Best individual garden
  • Best street
  • Best food garden
  • Best use of small space
  • Best pots or hanging baskets
  • Best use of communal space

If you are entering the best communal garden category, you need to ensure that you have received permission to use the area from KNH.

There are prizes of gardening vouchers for category winners, as well as a bumper prize for the overall winner of the competition.

The competition opens in March and usually closes in early summer. Judging takes place a little later, when your gardens are at their best. More details can be found in the spring edition of Door to Door magazine.

Graham Porter, (Huddersfield Examiner garden expert) top 10 tips :

  1. Has your garden got little extra touches that lift it above the rest and give it its own personality? Use garden ornaments, specific collections and designs of plants to reflect your personality.
  2. Wobbly fences and weedy paths – although our gardens are supposed to be about plants, hard landscaping should help to show off the plants, not detract from them.
  3. Gaudy colours rule ok! – the use of brightly coloured flowering plants may give your garden a wow factor but what happens when those flowers die off? Is there anything left to get you through the autumn and winter months?
  4. Green footprints – have you tried to reduce your carbon footprint and make your garden a little more wildlife friendly? Bird boxes, bird baths, compost heaps and ponds are good starters.
  5. Peace and quiet – is your garden designed to stimulate the mind and body or to help them relax? Balance and harmony in the design creates a peaceful setting.
  6. Keep up to it - can you give the time to your garden so that it is not neck high in weeds and covered in neglected plants?
  7. Horticultural haven – how much can you tell the judges about your garden? Do you know your soil and your plants?
  8. Darwin’s dream – does your garden stand still or do you help it to evolve over time? Tired, worn out gardens and plants need a new lease of life.
  9. Passion in the garden – does your garden show that you are passionate about it or is it just another garden?
  10. Have you made full use of the space in your garden?