Tenants and residents associations (TRAs)

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What is a TRA?

A TRA is a group of people who get together to work to improve the area in which they live. They campaign for better services, improvements to the environment and tenants' homes and organise activities that bring people closer together. KNH works very closely with TRAs in delivering its services and monitoring how well it is doing. To see if there is a TRA in your area, contact the Community Engagement Team.

If you would like more information or would like to help set up a TRA in your area, contact your Communities Who Can fieldworker.

Partnership Agreement

KNH formally recognises tenants' and residents' associations and their role in representing their community through the Partnership Agreement. The agreement sets out each partner's rights and responsibilities.

Officers roles

Each TRA must elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.The Chairperson is generally responsible for making sure that the organisation runs well, promotes the interests of local residents and social activities, has effective meetings and acts as the spokesperson for the association.

The Secretary helps to make sure that the committee runs smoothly and has the information it needs to run the organisation. They help to plan and support meetings, keep records and deal with correspondence.

The Treasurer keeps a check on the finances of the organisation and keeps the committee up to date with the financial position. This includes dealing with banks and cheques, recording and checking financial transactions, budgeting and planning for the group's activities.


TRAs are eligible for an annual support grant from KNH if it has signed and is complying with the Partnership Agreement, has an up to date constitution, has had its accounts audited and has not received a grant in the previous 12 months.

The amount awarded depends on :

  • the number of households the TRA represents
  • if there is any money left over from last year
  • if the TRA manages its own premises

For more information on grants, contact the Community Engagement Team or visit Kirklees Council grants page


KNH makes sure that TRAs are insured for :

  • material damage for premises content
  • public liability for claims made by a third party
  • fidelity Guarantee protecting the organisation against fraud


Some TRAs manage their own premises, which they lease from KNH in order to support their community activity.


TRAs are expected to publish at least two newsletters each year about their activities and to distribute them to every household in their area so that all residents have the opportunity to get involved and support the TRA.They may not get involved immediately, but the more they know and feel part of it, the more likely they are to get in touch.

For support with your newsletters, contact your Neighbourhood Tenant Participation Officer.

Estate manifestos

The estate manifesto identifies the priorities that the TRA hopes to address over the next few years. It is often carried out by a door-to-door survey to try and make sure that all residents are involved in identifying the priorities for their area and their homes.

For support with your Estate Manifesto, contact your Neighbourhood Tenant Participation Officer.

Safeguarding children

For those TRAs working with children and young people, it is essential that they agree ways they will make sure that the children are safe and protected whilst in the care of the TRA.

A Safeguarding Children Policy is the first step and should look at how the TRA will address :

  • Volunteer recruitment for the activities
  • Health and Safety during the activities
  • Supervision
  • Management of difficult behaviour
  • Child abuse

Training around these difficult issues is also available. For support with Safeguarding Children, contact your Neighbourhood Tenant Participation Officer.

Involving everyone

TRAs are encouraged to agree a plan for involving different age groups and parts of the community as a part of their estate manifesto and to encourage a wider representation in their activities. Working and playing together is great way of building a local community identity and once people feel part of a community they are more likely to want to have a say in things that affect that community.

For ideas and support, contact your Neighbourhood Tenant Participation Officer.


For more information contact community engagement and tenant participation.