Neighbour nuisance

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

How do I make a complaint about my neighbour?

If your neighbour is causing you a nuisance you can contact your neighbourhood housing team. They will investigate your complaint. If your complaint is be found to be justified, then we will take action against the perpetrator.

For more information contact : Neighbourhood housing teams and housing officers

Frequently asked Questions

Why is it taking you a long time to get the problem sorted?

We can sort out some problems fairly easily and quickly. For example, if the problem is a rubbish filled garden, we simply go round and check. We will tell the person concerned to clean it up and if they donít we will take action against them by enforcing the tenancy agreement and working with Environmental Services to issue fines etc.

Other cases are not so simple especially those cases that need intervention via the legal system. It may appear at times that we are not taking any action to resolve the problem. We assure you that we are acting as quickly as we can. If we need to take legal action then it may take us a long time to prepare evidence and then have to wait for the Courts to set a date for a hearing. We will endeavour to keep all those witnesses involved in the case updated of progress on a regular basis until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached.

What will happen once I have reported it?

The Neighbourhood Housing Team will contact you quickly to confirm that we are looking into the complaint.

My neighbour has a dog that barks constantly during the night. What advice can you give me as to how I can resolve this problem?

A booklet entitled Neighbour Noise Problems, produced by the National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection, gives clear information on what you can do.

The council's Environmental Health department will investigate any problems with noise nuisance, such as loud music. Complaints relating to pets causing a nuisance can be referred to the Dog Warden Service. Both services will investigate complaints received and may take action against any statutory nuisance.

How do I make a claim regarding harassment I am receiving from a neighbour?

You should contact your neighbourhood housing team, which is responsible for investigating any complaints of this nature. They will carry out a home visit and will take information about the nature of the harassment.

You will be asked to keep a record of any future incidents giving details such as time, place, and what actually occurred at that time. The housing officer will investigate these complaints and should they be justified then they will take appropriate action against the offender.