Demolition of council housing

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

Alternative housing

If we need to demolish council properties, for example as part of a regeneration or improvement scheme, we will support any current residents in a number of ways, either by re-housing them in social rented housing or helping them to make their own arrangements in the private sector.

Those who wish to be re-housed into public sector rented accommodation will be given priority on the housing register, and they will be able to specify which areas and what type of property they want, though they will be expected to consider rehousing in a type of property suited to their current needs. As much as possible, we try to rehouse people in the same area as their old house, if thatís what they want.

We have appeals procedure for anyone not happy with the properties offered to them under these guidelines. Separate arrangements are used for people who have bought their former council house, and are affected by proposals for demolition.

Removal allowances

If you are moving because the Council has plans to demolish your home, you are able to claim certain expenses to help you, and you will be entitled to a Home Loss Payment.

Moving expenses

We will pay the reasonable cost of hiring a recognised removal firm, in many cases they will organise the move from start to finish using their own contractors.

We will also pay reasonable removal related expenses, including refitting existing carpets and curtains where possible, reinstalling existing appliances such as cookers washers etc, refitting aerials and satellite dishes where reception allows, mail redirection for 6 months, and reconnection of land phone lines and cables.

You will be offered a property in reasonable decorative order, or offered a decoration grant.

Home Loss Payment

You will be entitled to a Home Loss Payment as compensation for losing your home. The amount available is subject to you having a clear rent account, and is set by Central Government.

The current amount is £4,700 and is subject to occasional review. Assuming you have a clear rent account, no notices of possession and have been the tenant of the house due for demolition for at least one year, you will be given a cheque when you leave your current house and move into your new one.

Tenants responsibilities

Once you know the date you will be moving, you need to let various agencies and service suppliers know as soon as possible.

Forwarding mail - as soon as you are aware of your moving date, you must contact the Post Office and inform them. You will have to pay for redirection of your mail, keep the receipt and the Council will pay you back.

Disconnecting appliances - this is usually arranged by KNH, but you can arrange it yourself if you wish. If you have any gas appliances, you should contact a Corgi registered gas engineer to arrange for the disconnection. This is because supply pipes must be property sealed.

Similarly, a qualified electrician should disconnect and reconnect any electrical appliances, such as showers or washing machines. You can claim this payment back within your Disturbance Claim as long as you have a valid receipt.

Gas and electric supplies - you must arrange for final readings to be taken of gas and electricity meters. You will probably need to give at least 48 hours notice to the gas and electricity companies. You will need to sign up for a gas and electric supply in your new property, and this needs to be done well in advance of your move.

Housing benefit and council tax - you must inform the Revenue and Benefits Service of any change of address. If you already receive housing benefit or council tax benefit, you must tell the Revenue and Benefits Service your new address as soon as possible, to make sure you continue to receive all that is due to you.

Remember, housing benefit is payable on your principal address, so you must move into your new property as soon as possible.

Handing in keys - you will need to agree with your neighbourhood housing office the date to hand in keys to your old property. It is important that you hand your keys in as soon as possible after you leave, or you may get charged rent on 2 properties.

Home loss and disturbance payment - when you hand in your keys to your old home you need to complete the home loss form so that the Housing Office can arrange to have your compensation processed. A cheque for this will be sent out to your new address.

Disabilities within the family moving - it is your responsibility to tell KNH about anyone with a disability that will be moving, so that any necessary adaptations can be made to your new property, or a property can be found that best meets your familyís needs.