Regeneration of council estates

Content owner : Last updated : 05/03/11

KNH leads all regeneration activity on the council estates they manage in Kirklees. This ranges from relatively simple and small environmental improvement schemes such as play areas and fencing, right through to multi-agency regeneration schemes involving wholescale demolition and remodelling.

We have won national awards for our Deighton and Brackenhall Initiative (DBI). This involved moving 400 tenants and residents from their homes to other parts of the area, then demolishing 600 houses. A major rebuilding and regeneration exercise was then carried out. This has resulted in hundreds of new homes for sale being built, alongside new social housing built by housing associations.

The project employed local labour, and has brought great community benefits to the area, including a community dividend of £7M. A new community centre is about to be built.

The Chestnut Centre has been built as part of the DBI. This houses a nursery and creche, the local KNH housing office, Police, and an Adult Learning Computer Centre. It has a range of community and training rooms including a café and a library, and is managed by Fresh Horizons, a community trust.

KNH is also leading on the Fieldhead Regeneration Partnership. The demolition of five areas of very unpopular flats on the Fieldhead estate has been completed. They have been replaced them with a mixed development of new properties for sale and rent through a local housing company KCA, who also now offer shared ownership on some of the new properties.

There are also other benefits from the scheme, for example, training places, jobs and a boost for the local economy. The local SureStart Childrens Centre is also being altered to improve local services. The estate’s environment is being improved, and the flats that remain are also being given a significant facelift.

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